Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NTNU Rental Taipei - Li Xiang Hostel, Deluxe Room ( Family Room )

NTNU Rental Taipei - Li Xiang Hostel, Deluxe Room / Family Room 

【Li  Hostel】 Deluxe Room ( Family Room )
  Monthly Rent : NT 32,000 per month
Refundable Deposit : NT 3,000
Electricity Bill : NT 5.5 for every 1 kWh ( from June to September : NT 6 for every 1 kWh )

Li Xiang Hostel - Deluxe Room is the most spacious and deluxe room of our rooms, which is at the top floor of the building. There is a coatroom, a separated shower and bathroom, and, Wii! It makes the guest have a perfect and fun time from the beginning of their stay.

l   Double Bed ( includes pillow, quilt and sheet )
l   Sofa Bed
l   Coatroom
l   Basin
l   TV Cabinet
l   Shoes Cabinet
l   Chair

Room Facilities
l   Separated Shower and Bathroom
l   Air-conditioner
l   Small Refrigerator
l   32 inch LCD TV ( Cable TV )
l   DVD Player
l   Wii
l   Free Wi-Fi
l   Desktop
l   Hairdryer
l   Kettle and Mug
l   Bathroom Kits ( Shower Gel, Shampoo, Toothbrush, Tooth Paste, Towel )
l   Slippers

Public Facilities
Washing Machines Includes Free Washing Liquid and Washing Powder, Slot Dryer, Drinking Fountain, First Aid Kit, Sensor Gateway, Monitor, Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Light


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