Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rental Taipei - Li Xiang Hostel Shuttle Service

Rental Taipei - Li Xiang Hostel Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service from and to the Airport / Chartered-Car Service

If you need the shuttle service from the airport, please inform us your flight No. and arrival time in advance. When you arrive the airport, you will see our driver raises a name board at the arrival hall. If you could not find our driver, please contact us, or you could also ask the information counter in the airport for help. 

Shuttle Service Fee
Type of Car
From the Airport
To the Airport

7 Seats
NT 1,000
NT 900

9 Seats
NT 1,400
NT 1,300

l   Name Board Raising for Free
l   Extra Fee for NT100 Between 23:00~05:00
l   There Might Be Extra Fee for Any Delay
Chartered-Car Service Fee
5 Seats
(For 3 people only)
7 Seats
(For 4 people only)
9 Seats
(For 7 people only)

6 Hours

NT 2,800
NT 3,400

8 Hours

NT 3,600
NT 4,400

10 Hours
NT 3,600
NT 4,200
NT 5,200

l   After 10 hours, extra NT400 per hour for 7 seats, and NT500 for 9 seats.
l   Extra fee will be informed by the driver. Please pay at our reception, and we will transfer the payment to the driver.


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